Deadline Schmeadline

I started this book in October. I was going to have it done by Thanksgiving. Then I thought Christmas. Now I think New Years.  Yes, definitely by New Years.

For some reason school, work, kids, family…they all think they are more important than these characters running around in my head.

I haven’t settled on a title yet, but I’ve been playing with one for a while.  Anyway, I’m throwing out a little tidbit for you. The first page of the yet to be titled WIP in which a poor little college boy finds himself infatuated with his roommate’s mama.

I write erotica books, so I’m sure you can guess where this goes.

Hope you like it,



I looked up at the house where I’d be spending my first Thanksgiving away from home. The entire neighborhood reminded me of a Norman Rockwell Americana painting, but this house topped them all with the autumn wreath hanging on the door and various types of squash ornately placed on the porch.

As a transfer college student from Florida, I didn’t get home much during breaks so my roommate, Justin Ellis, had dragged me to his family dinner in Minneapolis.

We’d driven from Chicago crammed in Justin’s VW Beetle with our luggage stuffed in the backseat. The two-story brick house looked warm and inviting with the flowing lace curtains dimming the light that flooded out onto the immaculately kept lawn.

Stepping into the house, I inhaled deeply and my mouth began to water. I hadn’t had a homemade meal since transferring and hadn’t expected to until I went home over Christmas break. I was greeted not only by the scent of pot roast, but by décor that reminded me of an old country store. Photos were up in perfectly planned clusters on the wall and the furniture was positioned just so.  A bookshelf painted to intentionally look antique was filled with photos and keepsakes that looked like they’d been designed to fit the shelf.

It was then that I recalled Justin telling me his mother was in real estate and the modeled feel of the home suddenly made sense.

I stopped in front of it and had to do a double take. I’m not sure what I expected the woman to look like, I hadn’t put much thought into, but I wasn’t expecting to find myself looking at the image of a tall, slender beauty with pale skin and dark auburn hair. One photo in particular caught my attention; she was standing on a beach somewhere wearing a black bikini top with a towel wrapped around her waist. The man standing next to her had his arm draped across her shoulders, both smiling brightly for the photo. She had soft curves where the towel fell around her hips and full breasts that more than filled out her top.

I couldn’t stop myself from wishing I’d been there to rub lotion over her back to protect her pale skin from burning.

“Hey, Mom!” Justin called out, pulling me out of my daze. He dropped his backpack carelessly by the shelf and gestured for me to follow him.

I eased my bag down out of the way and, after taking another look at the photo, followed my friend. By the time I got to the kitchen, Justin was wrapped in the arms of a woman several inches shorter but considering Justin was just over six feet, she was still tall. When she leaned back, I felt my cock twitch. Even fully clothed her body looked amazing.

“Mom, Kyle,” Justin said. “Kyle, my mom, Kate.”

She was wearing just enough makeup to accentuate her long, thin face and though she had lines around her eyes, the only added to her beauty. Her hair was swept up in a wavy ponytail and, as she turned her bright green eyes to mine, my obsession was born.



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