In what have become awkwardly failed attempts to lose weight, my friends and I have started to go to Zumba class.

The first night, I expected for us to look like a drunk monkeys. We didn’t know the moves, the music, the beats. The second class, okay, still not so great.

This class, I think we all just gave up. My friend on the left was doing some kind of whimsical dance with her hands flowing as she spun around while friend on the right was throwing her arms up and down doing some clumsy version of the monkey. I don’t even know what I was doing but I have no illusions that I looked any better. One look at them and I got a serious case of the giggles.

That pretty much ended it for me, I just started doing my best not to step on anyone’s toes, including my own, and not punching anyone in the face.

Friend on the left (who frequently makes up her own moves based on a Zumba class she is taking on her lunch break at work) started laughing, which I assumed was at me, so I informed her she had no room to judge, she looked like a stoned fairy. Friend on the right began chastising us for not paying attention. The Stoned Fairy and I started debating who was to blame. This frustrated our friend even more and she proceeded to move between us and inform us that she can’t take us anywhere.

The instructor took notice of this and pointed out to the rest of the class that we had been separated. This only increased my case of the giggles and I spent the rest of the class dancing around out of rhythm, making faces at The Stoned Fairy while our self appointed mom lectured us on our poor behavior.

Finally the last song came on. This is one that we can actually do, it’s just a lot of breathing techniques. As soon as it wrapped up, we all could relax and let our giggles go.

“I wasn’t laughing at you,” said Stoned Fairy. “I was laughing at her.”

“Why?” demanded Self Appointed Mom.

“I don’t know. But she got all snippy.”

“I wasn’t snippy,” I insisted.

We then apologized to the instructor who told us the point of the class was to have fun so she wasn’t offended by our giggling and bad behavior. That was a relief but I’m sure she wouldn’t miss us if we didn’t return.

But I think we will continue with this latest attempt to get fit. No other class would have us.



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3 responses to “ZUMBA!

  1. I’ve tried Zumba twice. Unfortunately, I am THAT person who jams up the line because of her piss-poor short-term memory. I can’t remember the steps until two weeks later. 😐

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