Hot steamy and…redundant?

I know there are a lot of opinions on what the most difficult part of being an erotic writer. Inspirtation? Marketing?

For me it is avoiding being redundant. Not redundant in using the same terms over and over (but, if you are a writer, please know there are enough velvet covered shafts out there, just call it what it is), redundant as in “didn’t the stud in my last book do that to his lady?”

Sure, I can twist and turn and describe it until it sounds new, which I suppose is what we all do anyway. Or perhaps this means I need to expand on my sexual experiences, which I’m sure Mr. Mancini will absolutely hate (says the Mrs. with a tone oozing with sarcasm).

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty going on there. Two dresser drawers and a locked box on the dresser worht of stuff going on. If the local adult book store had frequenty shopper perks, we’d have earned a life size blow up doll by now. But it may be time to move beyond our normal section into the ultra kinky section.

I wonder if I can write latex undies and leather whips off on my taxes…


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