Guest Blogger: The Princes Knighted by Robin Danner

This is a very special Monday, folks, very special indeed. I usually save guest bloggers for Wednesday, but I just couldn’t wait to share The Princes Knighted by the very talented Robin Danner.

Shocking revelations rock a kingdom in Robin Danner’s The Princes Knighted. Curious to know the identity of the rebel leader? Hugh d’Arcy stumbled upon the answer, but he’s not telling!


The highly anticipated third book of The Princes is now available here.  Grab a copy of The Princes Bound and The Princes Determined while you’re there so you don’t miss all the clues to the puzzle.

Excerpt from The Princes Knighted by Robin Danner:

Wilhem led them to a smaller area of the cave which formed into a sort of room by the curving of the walls around it. Wilhem stopped near the entrance and turned toward Hugh. An emotion resembling pity appeared in his eyes. “Wait here, and I will see where he wants me to take you.”

He? It had to be the leader of the rebels. If not for the precious burden in his arms, Hugh would follow Wilhem into the room and finally see the identity of Noventia’s faceless enemy. The two rebels stepped close to him as if they sensed his thoughts. He heard the whisper of voices and then a long silence before the voices came again. He could not make out the words no matter how much he strained to hear.

It was several minutes before Wilhem reappeared. “Hand me the lass. He wants to see you.”

Wilhem sighed as Hugh shook his head in answer. “I will not hurt her.” He stepped closer to speak in a rushed whisper. “She will be safer with me. For the love of God, give her to me.”

Hugh eyed the rebel. He seemed earnest and honest. He looked down at Sara, who still slept. Her face turned into his chest, her warm breath whispering across his skin. Her hair streamed across his forearm where it had come undone from it pins during their travels.

He lifted his gaze and pinned the rebel with a look of deadly intent. “If you harm her…”

Wilhem scooped her into his arms before Hugh could finish his threat. “I will protect her for you.”

The rebel hurried away, and Hugh watched them go. Once they were out of view, he turned back to the opening of the room where the rebel leader waited. A couple of steps, and he would finally know.

One of the rebels behind him prodded him. “You should go in now.”

Hugh longed for a weapon, anything he could use to defeat the enemy once and for all. The minute he saw the leader, he had no doubt he would be killed. It would be too much of a risk for their cause to allow him to live. He could only pray Sara’s position as the prince’s sister by marriage kept her safe once he was gone. But by God, he would not go down without fighting.

He entered the doorway naturally formed by the rock wall and scanned the small area. The reflection of candlelight flickered on the damp wall and illuminated the space where a lone man sat at a makeshift table, furiously scribbling. His back was to Hugh, but something ruffled along the edges of Hugh’s memory. The way the man held himself, the set of his shoulders called to him.

He took a few more steps closer, unable to stop moving until he was at the man’s elbow. The leader turned his head toward him.

All the pieces of the puzzle are revealed……




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15 responses to “Guest Blogger: The Princes Knighted by Robin Danner

  1. Emilia Mancini

    Thanks so much for joining me today, Robin! I love the excerpt! Hugh seems to be in a lot of trouble!

  2. Love this excerpt – such a great combination of tension and tenderness. I’m sold, and adding to my ‘must read now!’ list ^_^

  3. If you like this series, you will love the upcoming 4th installment – The Princes Wanted. Think Talen and Mathis are sexy? Wait until you get to know their cousin Prince Niall and his dark desires.

  4. Well I certainly do want to read this! It’s quite timely, given the popularity of Game of Thrones and all…

  5. I need to get this entire series!!

  6. Wow, the Princes series is moving along, Robin. Congrats.

  7. Hi, everyone! Better late than never to my own party, eh? Somehow…yes, I’m blonde….I remembered to visit Marci, but forgot Emilia. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I’ve enjoyed this series so much. One more book to write and then (sniff sniff), I have to find a new project.

  8. Parker Kincade

    I can’t wait to read these, Robin!

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