Excerpt: Seducing Kate-Rated R

CONTENT WARNING: This is for big kids so if you are under eighteen turn away..turn away now!


I desperately tried to come up with something new and interesting to share today but all my thoughts are consumed by this WIP that is very nearly finished (how long have I been saying that??).

Instead of trying to push those thoughts aside and coming up with something juicy to tell you, I’m just going to share a sniplet from this book that has been dancing naked around my head for far too long.

Here it is, an uneditied, unfinished, unpublished bit from Seducing Kate:

I’d just rounded the corner of the house and reached the back door when I heard Kate’s voice filter out to me. The teasing in her tone caused me to stop.

“The boys are right outside,” she said.

“They’re out by the fire pit,” John said. “They’ll never know. Come on, just let me taste you.”

Stepping to the door, I peered in through the screen and watched Kate wiping the countertop with a rag while John stood behind her, his face buried in her neck. I swallowed as I watched his hands slip beneath the hem of her shirt. He fondled her breasts for a moment before Kate turned so she could look up at him. I inhaled at the look on her face. She was grinning a wickedly seductive grin that let me and I’m sure John, know her resistance was just a game.

He grabbed her hair and kissed her hard and I clenched my jaw, feeling jealousy swim through me. Damn it, I wanted that to be me.

“One of them could walk in,” she said after pulling away from him. She cast a glance over his shoulder toward the door and I held my breath. For a moment I was certain that she’d seen me, but she looked away.

“That’s what makes it so good,” he teased as his hand went between her legs. I knew when he slid his fingers in her by the way her head fell back and she moaned.

I watched his arm move several times as he nipped at her neck. “I don’t care what you say,” he told her, barely loud enough for me to hear, “I know what you like. My sweet little slut.”

I tensed at the word but Kate mewed out a sultry laugh that made my dick grow even harder. “You’re terrible,” she said teasingly as he continued fingering her in the kitchen.

John pulled his hand from her, pushed her shorts down and then lifted her onto the counter in a move so swift I was amazed I caught it all.

She grinned and bit her lip as John dropped to his knees in front of her. Her legs draped over his shoulders and her hands gripped his hair as he pressed his face between her legs.

Swallowing hard, I glanced around the corner at the yard I’d come through to make sure none of the guys were headed my way. Confident I was alone, I reached down and released my cock and stroked it in time with Kate’s moans. Jesus, what I wouldn’t have given to have been the one between her legs.



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