Emilia goes to graduate school

Sounds like a cheesy porn movie doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not. It’s my life.

I’m half-way through the second semester of me getting my education on.  I’m going getting a master’s in publishing. No, I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it, but I’m sure I’ll find something creative!

This semester, my midterm thesis has to delve into some problem in the publishing industry, expose it, and attempt to resolve it.

My thesis statement was that I would look at self-publishing versus traditional publishing to determine which benefited an author more and in what ways.

My professor felt that was too broad. “Try choosing a genre to focus on.”

Well, every paper, design project, research paper tends to be about the romance genre and I know he’s getting tired of hearing about it, so  I discussed the issue with a classmate and asked her opinion on a genre that would keep me interested but wouldn’t bore my professor to tears.

Without hesitation she said, “Erotica.”

“Erotica?” I asked with horror. “For a grad school thesis?”

“Go with what you know,” she suggested.

So I thought about it, rolled it around, and pitched the idea to my prof.

I will delve into self vs traditional publishing to determine which venue best benefits the erotic author. Then I closed my eyes, held my breath, and waited for the fallout.

The fallout was that he loves the idea. It’s a very popular genre, one of the bestselling, it’s about time someone took it seriously enough to look into it.


Okay. So. I’m writing my midterm thesis on erotica. An entire paper examining the genre, its sales, and figuring out self publishing is a good idea for anyone, including an erotic author. Sweet!!

Man, I love grad school!



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