First things first…I had two winners for The Rebound. Not because I’m special, but because I am a goofball. I chose a winner on Wednesday…thinking the hop ended Wednesday. I jumped the gun, imagine that! I drew another today so make it fair to those who popped in after my first drawing.

So congrats, on winning a free copy of The Rebound (this is where the drum roll goes) Veronica…and Books4me! I’ll be contacting you through your email to see what format you need. I hope you enjoy the book and thanks so much for stopping in!!

Okay. So maybe I have been a little neglectful of the blog lately. But with good reason. I finally finished Seducing Kate. I am so thrilled with the way it turned out. I am actually quite sad that I won’t be writing these characters any more. I’m a little in love with Kate myself. Is that odd?

Anyway, it is sitting with a beta reader and will be edited accordingly and then shipped over to some poor unsuspecting publisher who will also fall head over heals in love with Kate (she has powers, I’m telling you) and will have no choice but to publish her story.

Working tagline: It took Kyle one look to realize he wanted to seduce his best friend’s mother. And one kiss to realize he didn’t have to.

Bam! I’m gonna leave you to contemplate that for a while.

See you soon!


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