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Predator’s Refuge, Gemini Island Shifters 3 by Rosanna Leo

I am so excited to have Rosanna Leo here today. Her Gemeni Series is seriously hot and she’s here to tell us about the third installment, Predator’s Refuge.

Predator's Refuge CoverA tiger shifter searching for a safe place to hide. A lynx shifter trying to prove herself. Neither expecting the desire that flares between them … nor the danger stalking them. Suspense and passion fill the pages of Predator’s Refuge, Book 3 of Rosanna Leo’s thrilling romance series, Gemini Island Shifters.


Lynx shifter Marci Lennox has worked at the shifter-friendly Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort all her adult life. It’s more a home to her than a job. When her boss goes on vacation, putting her in charge, Marci is thrilled. Finally a chance to prove she has the mettle to run a resort.
Her confidence is shaken when new employee Anton Gaspar appears. One look at the mysterious tiger shifter spells trouble for Marci and for her sex-crazed lynx. Anton is judgmental, condescending, and a little misogynistic. Unfortunately, Marci’s lynx thinks his tiger is more delicious than an oversized bag of Maltesers.

It becomes difficult for Marci to remain neutral near Anton, especially when she learns of his troubling past and unusual family circumstances. However, when dangerous incidents occur on the resort, the lynx woman and tiger man join forces to combat the threat to the lodge and its guests.
Harder still is the quest to combat their explosive feelings for one another. As they explore their mutual passion, they realize the danger at the resort is more insidious than they ever envisioned. Their dreams, their love, and their very lives are at stake.


Immediately, the fragrance hit him, activating his Jacobson’s organ. He swallowed, tasting it on his tongue and at the back of his throat, and wondered if he was mistaken.

No, how could he mistake the unique scent of a female cat in heat? It was too delicious a scent to forget. Sweetness coated his taste buds, winding a delirious path down his throat. As his head swam, he blinked and tried to clear his thoughts of the sexual imagery racing through it.

The scent did not belong to another tiger shifter, but some other type of predatory cat. One whose perfume he hadn’t sampled before. One who must be particular to this region. Cougar? No. Mountain lion? Surely not.

Whatever she was, her scent teased him with its delicious flavor.

Don’t, he warned himself. Wasn’t it enough that he spent the last few years of his existence trying to escape the sick wiles of the grasping women at court? And God only knew how hard he’d worked to maintain a state of abstinence at Pannonhalma, devoting his life to meditation. He’d come here to work, not lose himself in a sweet piece of…

Stop it. This was no time to think of pussy, even though he’d never been more desperate for a taste of creaming woman.

His tiger howled inside him, hungry for that which it had been denied for almost two years.

Still the perfume, more intoxicating than any he’d known, wafted toward him. He wanted to close his eyes and drink it in. The unyielding power of the aroma could make him forget his vows. Granted, he wasn’t really a monk, but he had followed the monastic lifestyle from day one at Pannonhalma. The purity in the monk’s life had been the very thing he’d required to get his life back on track.

So why did he want to find the source of the scent and fuck her until she begged alternately for mercy and for more? Her need seemed strong. Whoever this lady cat was, she must be in dire agony for her scent to be so powerful.

None of his business.

Mentally caging the growling tiger inside him, he shook his head and approached the front desk. He dropped his luggage and cleared his throat at the woman working there. Her head had been down as she read some reports, but she looked up now.

“Welcome to the Ursa…” Her jaw fell open and her sentence hung in the air, unfinished and clearly forgotten.

Well, well. A beautiful little lynx.


Gemini Series

 Predator’s Refuge is available at and all e-outlets.

Author Bio:

12957 (167x250)

Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books who lives and breathes paranormal romance. Several of her books about Greek gods, selkies and shape shifters have been named Night Owl Romance and Two Lips Recommended Reads. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair.


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Release day!

Release day always feels like a birthday. Like wherever I go, I should get free drinks and desserts and the waiters should have to sing “Happy Release Day” to me. That never happens, but I think it should.

I’m celebrating by continuing on my blog tour and sharing a sweet little promo piece or two with you:

1524852_448973148537470_1378519438_n (1)

Yummy! Hope you get a chance to swing by some of my other blog stops so you can get entered to win a fabulous Silk Rope Set from My Pure Pleasure by Emilia. Just comment 0n any of my stops, and I’ll put your name in the hat!







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Seducing Kate Blog Tour Dates

Hello, feisty readers.

Seducing Kate is just a few days away from release on January 24, and I am so excited to be swinging by some of my favorite blog stops to spread the word.

seducingkate-510 (1)

I am head of heels in love with this book for so many reasons. It’s my first male first POV story. It’s my first cougar/cub story. And it touches a bit on the rougher side of sex. Not too deep, not as deep as some authors go, but it does brush along the lines. I like that.


So, along with my tour, I’ll be giving away two e-copies of Seducing Kate, but not only is one lucky reader going to win a copy of Seducing Kate, but they’ll get a sweet little beginner bondage set to go with the book. Two nice soft silk bindings and a satin blindfold. All you have to do, is stop by and see me during my blog tour. You can enter once at every stop along the way. So if you visit me a two blogs, you’ll be entered twice, three blogs gets you three entries.  The more you come see me, the more you’ll be entered to win!

Where can you find me?

January 17: Love, Lust, & Laptops

January 22: Christy Gissendaner

January 23: Romantic Imperative

January 24:  Excerpts from Emilia and Gemini Girls

January 25: Robin Danner and Musa Publishing Blog

January 27: Rosanna Leo’s Room

January 28: Parker Kinkade

January 29: Vanessa North

January 30: Cherie Nicolls

January 31: Jianne Carlo

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Seducing Kate by Emilia Mancini

It was lust at first sight when Kyle met his roommate’s mother.

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January 17, 2014 · 6:31 pm

To be or not to be Alpha

Welcome, Alpha Male Blog Hoppers! So happy to see you here!

Please note that I write erotica. While my post is clean, the excerpt below is not.

The Alpha Male, for me anyway, is a tricky beast. I like strong, take-charge men. But I like them to still be sensitive to their woman. I don’t want a man pushing me around, acting like a jerk, and I certainly don’t want to read about men like that.

I want them to be protective and maybe a little tough, refusing to take crap from their lady. I want them to be dominant without being bossy. (Is that possible? In my mind it is.)

Some of the books I’ve read, I feel like the author has taken the “angry, betrayed alpha” too far and turned him into a borderline abusive asshat. Sorry, but that is NOT sexy.

Even in erotica with a strong Dom/Sub relationship, it should be about respect.

My latest book, Seducing Kate, an erotic novel, delves a bit into creating a dominate personality.

Kyle is a young man, just about to graduate college when he falls in lust with his roommate’s mother Kate. Kate has a bad habit of dating the worst kind of man she can find. Soon enough, though, the reasoning behind that starts to peel away. Kate is has subordinate tendencies and tends to confuse being treated badly with being dominated.

As she and Kyle begin hot steamy affair, they both start working out the kinks (sorry, had to do it) in their sexual appetites. Kate shows Kyle how to be dominate, and Kyle makes Kate realize dominance doesn’t equate disrespect.

Though Kate is significantly older than Kyle, their connection is much deeper than purely sexual and changes them forever.

Kyle is kind and respectful while pushing the lines that Kate wants pushed, he adores her while dominating her and breaks the cycle of abuse that Kate has been stuck in most of her life.

It’s sweet, it’s hot, and it’s the kind of alpha male romance like.

As part of my release celebration, I’m staring my blog tour right here, right now.


Comment below for a chance to win not only a copy of Seducing Kate, but also a Silk Rope Set including soft wrist and ankle bands and  satin blindfold. Hey, once you read this, you’re gonna want these things. 😉

Winner will be notified February 1st.

 Seducing Kate

Available January 24, 2014 from Musa Publishing.

seducingkate-510 (1)


It was lust at first sight for Kyle when he met his roommate Justin’s mother Kate. Kyle, a college transfer, was too far from home to visit on short school breaks, so Justin took him to Minneapolis where his mother was serving up a family meal for Thanksgiving.

One look left Kyle with a healthy obsession for Kate which grew with each visit. When he landed an internship in Minneapolis, he moved in with Kate for the summer, and got in touch with his voyeuristic side. It wasn’t until one late evening and a few too many glasses of wine that Kyle began to suspect his attraction wasn’t one-sided.

When he dared to push the issue, he found Kate more than willing to succumb to his seduction.


I’d barely spent time with Kate, just a few minutes in the kitchen before John had come strutting in. I had sat across from her at dinner making awkward conversation while Justin and John glared at each other over the spaghetti and garlic bread. It wasn’t like she’d crawled across the floor half naked and begged me to fuck her.

What the hell was it about her? Sure she was beautiful, but I’d dated beautiful women. None of them had pushed me to the point of obsession. I wanted nothing more than to throw Kate down and fuck her until she screamed. Not cried out like she had moments ago, but screamed. And dug her nails in my back. And wrapped her legs so tight around me I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know why. All I knew was my body was borderline insane with lust, and my dick was so hard it hurt.


I turned the cold water on and splashed my face a few times to snap out of the Kate-induced haze. When I was finally able to think about something other than having sex with her, I went back downstairs.

I tried like hell to focus on the game, but my mind kept wandering. No, it wasn’t wandering. It was reliving my trip upstairs, from the groans, to the flash of tit, to the blush on Kate’s cheeks.

I held out for another hour of video games before I couldn’t take the agony of wanting her any longer. I went up to my room and slipped between the cool sheets of the guest bed. I put a sock over my dick and got off to images of my roommate’s mother.

I pictured her pale ass sticking in the air as I gripped her hips and slid into her tight pussy. I imagined my fist tangled in her hair as she sucked my cock. I even fantasized about her standing over me in black heels and a tight business suit as she ordered me to jerk myself harder.

As I came—hard—I wondered how I was ever going to control myself around her.

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Warm Up For Winter Contest!

Enter daily to win one of 17 promotional paperbacks

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Outlaws by William Weldy
Only A Hero Will Do by Susan Lodge
First Frost by Liz DeJesus
Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus
Trusting Sydney by Helen Hardt
Taming Angelina by Helen Hardt
Treasuring Amber by Helen Hardt
2012: The Rising by Joanne Hirase
Typical Day by Gary K. Wolf
Obsession by JoAnne Keltner
Stained Glass byMindy Hardwick
Grape Bubblegum by Beth Bowland

Dragon Drop by Jerry Ackerman
New Girl by Joan B. Flood
The Fox’s Mask by Anna Frost
Unforgettable You by Marci Boudreaux
Storm’s Fury by Nya Rayne

And one of 30 e-books:

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3.99 by Richard Satterlie
100,000 Midnights by Aaron Smith
A Company of Thieves by David Pilling
A Place to Call Their Own by L. Dean Pace-Frech
A Reason To Stay by L.S. Murphy
A Sense of the Ridiculous by Heather King
A Willing Spirit by Cindi Myers
Alaska Heat by Vella Munn
An Incident on MSR Tampa by SS Hampton, Sr
Apple of My Eye by Elizabeth Botts
Baiting The Hook by Mary S. Palmer & David Wilton
Between by Clarissa Johal
Black Widow by Lena Austin
Bring Me To Life by Scarlett Parrish
Captain Westwood’s Inheritance by Lynda Dunwell
Contingency Plan by Anita Ensal
Crazy Greta by David Hardy
Daughter of the Earth and Sky by Kaitlin Bevis
Deep Into The Night by Tracie Ingersoll Loy
Dragon Revealed by Nulli Para Ora
Enchanted Realms by Eleni Konstantine
Forget the Misteltoe by Lizzie T. Leaf
Her Goblin Prince by Thalia Frost
High Stakes by Chad Strong
ICE blue by Susan Rae
Identity Thief by Milo James Fowler
Keeper of Directions by L.K. Mitchell
Kojiki by Keith Yatsuhashi
Little Bird by Liza Gaines
Looney Dunes by Anne Skalitza
Masquerade by Sloane Taylor

All entrants are eligible for Grand Prize Drawing January 31

Grand Prize 
Warm Up for Winter Basket
Snuggly Blanket
$20.00 Musa Gift Certificate 
Starbucks Coffee
Coffee Mug
Specialty Chocolates
 5 paperback books: 
Marissa’s Choice by Kadee McDonald
The Dominus Runes by Peter Lukes
Walking the Dog by Linda Benson
Love Lies Bleeding by Laini Giles
For his Love by Nya Rayne


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Congratulations, Shadow!

Shadow has won a copy of The Rebound from the Midnight Kiss Blog Hop stop on my blog.


And look for more contests coming soon with Seducing Kate is released later this month.

seducingkate-510 (1)


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