Prize winners!

I apologize for the delay in getting the prize winner’s posted. Last night I went to my first hockey game. It was not quite what I expected.

I was imagining drunken crowds, testosterone so thick you could smell it, and men on skates bashing each other’s teeth out.

Nope. The crowd was calm, the testosterone was moderate, and there were a few slams against the Plexiglas, but no bashing.

Disappointed? A little. But it was still fun. I’d do it again.

Though my friend and I determined that perhaps Women’s Roller Derby is more out speed. We’re going try that later this spring.

However, you are here for much more interesting news….who, oh who, is going to win that sexy little Silk Rope Set?

I’m picking two winners today (actually the hubs is pulling name out of hat):

The winner of the Silk Rope Set and an e-copy of Seducing Kate is:


And the runner up, earning an e-copy of Seducing Kate is:

Allie Ritch

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate Seducing Kate’s release and to all the hosts who let me stop and talk about my lovely little book.



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