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Spring Fling Blog Hop


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Sometimes it just takes a little motivator (like finally seeing green grass) to get those “someday” projects going. My “someday” project for this spring? The raised vegetable gardens I’ve been begging Mr. Mancini to get done for me.

Okay, so he isn’t exactly doing them the way I asked. I’d love if they were lifted off the ground and I didn’t have to hurt my poor back and knees by digging into them…and instead of building them with the cheap supplies I listed for him from the lumberyard, he just gave in and bought some overpriced ones from Home Depot…but, hey, beggers can’t be choosers and I have definitely been begging for this.

The boxes arrived Friday and have yet to be constructed ,but considering this is the first week we are forcasted to NOT have snow in a very long time, I’m not too worried yet. I also usually buy starter plants because I’m not so great at remembering to water ground without a plant sticking up and reminding me that it’s there.

So, no fear yet. However, it is lingering in the back of my mind. I love my husband, but he isn’t known for his speed and agility at getting home projects done. Even so, I hold hope, for one day (hopefully soon) the purchased raised beds will get unpacked and put together and I, Emilia Mancini, will have a nice looking vegetable garden instead of the mess that that is surrounded by fencing poles and sagging chicken wire that I have now.

Since you were so kind as to stop by and listen to my woes, I’d love to give you a chance to win an e-copy of my latest release Seducing Kate.


It was lust at first sight for Kyle when he met his roommate Justin’s mother Kate. Kyle, a college transfer, was too far from home toseducingkate-510 (1) visit on short school breaks, so Justin took him to Minneapolis where his mother was serving up a family meal for Thanksgiving.

One look left Kyle with a healthy obsession for Kate which grew with each visit. When he landed an internship in Minneapolis, he moved in with Kate for the summer, and got in touch with his voyeuristic side. It wasn’t until one late evening and a few too many glasses of wine that Kyle began to suspect his attraction wasn’t one-sided.

When he dared to push the issue, he found Kate more than willing to succumb to his seduction.

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