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Guest Author: Rosanna Leo

If you could hear me right now, you would know I am squealing like a fangirl. I am so very happy to have my dear friend Rosanna Leo here today. She is one of those authors who can whip out amazing book after amazing book. She is an inspiration! Welcome, Rosanna!


Thanks so much for hosting me today! I’m always happy to be here.

I’m here as part of my blog tour for Predator’s Fire, Gemini Island Shifters 5. As my readers know, this is a series about shape shifting heroes and the (normally) human women who fall in love with them. It’s based on a Northern Ontario resort called the Ursa Lodge. Newest hero Killian Moon is a teen mentor at the lodge and is a jaguar shifter.

I wanted to talk a bit today about how I choose my shifter animals. After all, shape shifting romances have run the gamut from sea creatures to mammals to hedgehogs (at least I’m pretty sure someone wrote about a hedgehog). I haven’t picked my animals in willy nilly fashion. They were chosen for a reason. In truth, I can’t help thinking they might have chosen me.

You see, when I started the series with bear shifters, I didn’t really look beyond the first book. However, something about the bear appealed to me. It’s solitary nature, it’s hunger and it’s mating rituals made sense for the book. I also wanted animals who might inhabit the setting in Northern Ontario.174727809

However, as the series progressed, I did a lot of animal research and always sought out animals with interesting quirks, but they really revealed themselves to me. In book 3, I just Anton had to be a tiger. In book 4, my heart declared Bart should be a wolf. And in this latest book, I fell in love with the “big, blond ball of energy” that was jaguar shifter Killian Moon. Each of these animals, along with my bear Snow brothers from books 1 and 2, made ideal heroes to me. I wanted true apex predators, animals who could kill effectively, but who could be tamed by their heroine. Animals with ferocious appetites whose hunger could only be appeased by one woman’s love. Oh, and all those big teeth don’t hurt. There is a lot of biting in my shifter books.

In Killian’s case, I mention his talent for stealth a few times in the book. Jaguars are inherently stealthy, consummate predators who can kill in a single bound. Their attacks have taken down bigger animals and made mincemeat out of them.

But can this jaguar conquer human heroine Nina Suzuki? I hope you’ll read the book and find out.



When Nina Suzuki discovers the body of her best friend Janine, her world turns upside down. Things go from bad to worse when Janine’s corpse seems to transform into that of a large, brown wolf. For the first time, Nina is faced to confront all the clues indicating her BFF was not what she seemed. A letter from the dead woman opens Nina’s eyes to a strange, new world. The same letter warns of a sinister group called the Alpha Brethren, and urges her to find Killian Moon of the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort on Gemini Island.

Killian Moon is a jaguar shifter and teen mentor at the Ursa Lodge in Northern Ontario. He may be a comfort and inspiration to confused teen shifters, but he also has a fiery past. His past comes back to haunt him when human Nina arrives at the resort, demanding to speak with him. Demanding answers. Can he trust her with knowledge that will not only change her life, but possibly endanger those around him?

As Killian begrudgingly tutors Nina on all things shifter, their mutual curiosity flares into passionate need. Once they touch, once they succumb to desire, there is no going back. Killian realizes Nina is his mate and they both begin to comprehend the terror threatening those on their shifter-friendly island. He is forced to confront the tragedy in his family and determines to protect Nina at all costs.

But can they protect everyone they love from a cult of dangerous shifters, intent on horror and destruction?




“How much longer do I have to wait? I want to see Killian Moon. Now.”

The feminine voice, strangely soft despite its insistence, echoed deep in his being, awakening his jaguar. The great cat roared to life, turned toward the office and inhaled deeply. Its eyes flashed in interest.


Killian breathed in at the same time, catching the scent of cherry blossoms through the door. The sweet perfume, mixed with human outrage, proved a heady distraction, making him forget why he was there. Shaking his head, he tried to dismiss the odd sensation as Ryland opened the door.

The door swung open and the first person he glimpsed was one of the clerks from reception, trying his hardest to placate the unexpected guest. “I’m sure Mr. Snow and Mr. Moon will be right back.”

And then his gaze landed on the petite human. Tapered Asian eyes, so dark and mysterious, but rimmed with circles of exhaustion. Smooth, cinnamon skin hinted at a mixed background. Wearing no makeup, she appeared younger than she must be, but her presence and keen eyes pegged her at around thirty years old. She had a riot of curly, black hair and feminine curves that ought to come with a warning. He could see it now. Beware: this woman’s body will cause insanity in men. Even as she gesticulated at the clerk, her boobs jiggled in such a way his throat went dry.

He pictured her in a corset, her breasts spilling over delicate lace edging, and almost forgot his name.

This Nina Suzuki was damn hot and his jaguar seemed to agree. The animal licked its lips, its golden gaze assessing and appreciating every detail, from her rounded hips to her come-hither rack.

Yes, the creature uttered on a frenzied breath.

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